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Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

See your competitors' traffic with Traffic Analytics

Are you looking for a legitimate business online that can give you extra $1k – $5k+ Monthly? What if I tell you with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) you can make passive income for just selling simple book.

These simple step-by-step guide that about to show you, will help you to start immediately selling books on Amazon with going through the traditional publishing company.

With just a computer/smartphone and an internet connection, you can start publishing your own Kindle eBooks and paperback books through Amazon’s KDP program.

You don’t necessarily need to know how to write to start publishing. You can outsource the writing process and still make passive income from Amazon KDP.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can start making money publishing an eBook with Amazon Kindle Direct program even if you are not good at writing.

Kindle Direct Publishing is’s e-book self-publishing platform that was launched in November 2007.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), was originally called Digital Text Platform, for authors and publishers to independently publish their books directly to the Kindle Store.

Authors can upload documents in several formats for delivery via KDP website and charge between $0.99 and $200.00 for their works.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Amazon Kindle KDP?

Amazon KDP is a program that allows authors to self-publish their books, paperbacks, and hardcover books to an audience of 0ver 80 million+ for free without the help of a traditional publishing house. As an author, you can create eBooks without any inventory or upfront cost.

Amazon KDP is a great way to begin with. Publishing with KDP gives you full rights to your book, which is not something a traditional publishing house typically allows.

What types of content can I publish through Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP allows you to publish eBooks (Kindle) and paperback books. KDP does not allow the creation of magazines, periodicals, or spiral bound books.

The KDP help page has a list of things that can be published on the platform. They are –

  • Novels
  • Book Series
  • Children’s Books
  • Comics
  • Cookbooks
  • Journals
  • Poetry
  • Textbooks

These documents may be written in 44 languages.

Are you looking to make money by selling simple Books, paperbacks, and hardcover, but you don’t know where to start?

Here are the steps to start making your own money with Amazon KDP even while you are sleeping.

How to Create Amazon KDP account – for beginners?

If you have an Amazon account, you can sign in with your Amazon existing username and password. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you’ll need to create an account before you can publish/sell an eBook on Amazon KDP. To create account you need to first,

1. Go to KDP Homepage

2. Click [Sign up]

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

3. Click [Create your KDP account]

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

4. Enter your [Name, Email address, and a Secure password]

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

Once you’ve created your account, next

5. Click [Update now]

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

6. Enter [Author/Publisher Information]

Enter your full name or the name of your publishing company, address and phone number.

Note: Don’t enter a name that is different from the name in your payment receiving name. KDP issues payment to the same name.

7. Enter Payment & Banking Information

Amazon KDP Royalties are paid 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale was reported.

Enter your banking information you will want Amazon kindle direct publishing to pay you with.

Available payment methods (direct deposit, wire transfer or check) are based on the location of your bank. You can use Payoneer to receive payment if you are a Nigerian. Apply for a US virtual bank account through Payoneer.  If you don’t have payoneer account, open one.

Below are the steps to setup your own Amazon Kindle Direct payment account using Payoneer if you are a Nigerian or Amazon does not provide a payment support for your country.

1. Go to [] and click [Register] to create an account.

Click [Bank & Card] and Select [Receiving Account]

2. Select USA [USD Account] and Copy your bank details there

3. Go to Amazon KDP website – Sign in to your account


4. Go to [Your Account]

5. Click [Getting Paid] Select to [Add or Edit bank account], and Select your bank location. Choose [USA]

6. Enter your account name as written in payoneer, Copy the payoneer account number, Copy the routing number, Enter the payoneer bank name, and Click on the [Add] button.

Note: Your payment account must be the same as your Author/Publisher name.

8. Complete the tax interview

You will have to answer a few questions and fill in your tax information and click [continue].

A drop-down box will appear, tick I certify that I have the capacity to sign for the person identified on line 1 of this form.

Enter your [signature] by typing in your [full name]

Click [Save and Preview]

A preview box will appear with your tax details. Go through it, confirm if it is written correctly and click [summit form] or [Make changes] if there is error.

Before you start your book

1. Confirm Your Book Idea

You will not want to publish a book no one will read. You need to make sure there’s an existing audience waiting to read your book.

That’s why it’s important to confirm your book idea. How do you confirm your book Idea?

Answer these questions:

  1. Are there similar books on Amazon? Search for books that are similar to your idea in the Amazon marketplace. If you can’t find a book (audio book or print book) similar to yours in the Amazon marketplace, it means your idea is not good enough to make you money.
  2. Who are my competitors? Knowing who is ranking top gives you an idea how well your book can sell.
  3. How many people are ready to buy? You want to make sure enough people want the type of book you plan on writing to make it worth your time.

After you have answered these (3) questions and you are sure enough your book can do well, the next thing is to find a suitable category for your book idea.

How to Find Suitable Category

1. Go to

2. Click on [All] at the top left

3. Choose [Kindle E-Readers & Books].

4. Click on [Kindle Books] under Kindle store

Next, Click [Best Seller and More] under Popular in Kindle

Click [Kindle Best Seller]

Select [Kindle ebooks]

Choose a [Category and subcategory] for your book idea.

2. Find the Top 30 Books with similar ideas.

You don’t need to find a book with the exact title as yours. But a book with a similar theme.

For example: One and Two are similar. They are about romance, they don’t have the same title.

Once you find a book similar to your book idea. Next,

3. Check Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR)

Checking the Amazon Best Seller Rankings (BSR) will help you to answer these questions:

  • Who am I competing with?
  • How many people are ready to buy?

By answering these questions, you have a better idea of whether your book idea will have any chance of selling many copies or not.

How to Find a Book Rank?

To find a book rank, go to the book and click on the [Title], scroll down to [Product detail]

Through the best seller rank, you can now know how well a book is selling in your category. That gives you a better idea how your book will sell.

An estimate of a book rank should be between:

  • BSR 5,000 on the Kindle store: Here, a book sells  20-40 copies/day.
  • BSR 10,000 or higher: Books are selling less than 10 copies/day.

Note: The lower the rank, the more copies the book sells. 

How to Prepare Your Book like a Pro on amazon kdp

After confirming your book idea, you’ll need to prepare your book and make it look like a pro to beat the other similar books and rank top for best seller book.

You wouldn’t want to write a book that only a few people will read.

Preparing a book that looks professional and a bestseller is just in four simple steps.

1. Give Your Book a Catchy Title and Subtitle

Your book title is your first line of marketing. What you title your book is the most important.

You wouldn’t want to write a book that has a bad title. Surely a good title won’t guarantee a book’s success. But a bad title will almost certainly prevent it from being successful.

It’s of vital importance you nail your title. Your title should be catchy and memorable.

Here are a couple tips to crafting a great book title:

  • Use a Unique Voice: Your book should speak to the reader in a unique voice that grabs their attention.
  • List the Benefits: The benefits of what your reader will gain should be listed in the subtitle. This will further attract potential buyers to purchase your book..

Spend some time brainstorming the title and subtitle of your book. Keep it simple, clear, and unique.

Your title should hit on the book’s topic and the subtitle should be descriptive and clarify how the book will help the reader.

2. Come Up with a Great Book Cover Design

A great cover design that catches the reader’s attention makes your book stand out.

When it comes to publishing a successful book on KDP, having a perfect book cover design is one of the most important aspects to get right. If your book design is poor, unprofessional or looks cheap and sloppy, they’ll assume it’s not worth their money and no one would want to buy.

The cover gives potential buyers their first impression of your book.

If you have a good knowledge of graphic design, you can design your book cover yourself with this graphic design tool, Snappa to design your book cover or you can hire a professional on Fiverr or Upwork to do it for you.

You can find good cover creators on Fiverr.

Fiverr will give you plenty of amazing graphic designers to choose from! It’s a great investment that will make your book stand out perfectly.

3. Start Formatting Your Book

After you have crafted a good cover design, you also need to format your book so it looks good inside.

Use a clear font, and make sure to double-check for any errors. If all the text is written in a terrible font, people won’t read your book.

Be careful not to squeeze all the text together.

To avoid such mistakes, format and save your book as a Kindle-friendly book file like .epub or .mobi format. This way it will look good on every Kindle device.

If you can’t get it perfectly well formatted, you can hire someone to do that for you.

Places like Upwork and Fiverr you will get a professional that can help you format your book for a less amount.

If you can’t afford to hire someone, you can use platforms like Reedsy and Book Design Templates to do it yourself, it’s not that hard.

When you are done formatting your book, make sure to proofread the book with a Kindle device (e.g. the Kindle Fire or any Kindle reader) or on the Kindle app.

Step 4. Write an Attractive Description that sell on Amazon kdp

An attractive description is what will compel your reader to click the buy button. Readers will be curious to know what your book is about and how it’ll benefit them.

Use bullet points and don’t give away the main point of the book.

Treat your book like a sales letter not like a summary. That is one of the mistakes most authors make when they are writing their book description.

Your description shouldn’t inform potential buyers of the contents of your book — it should persuade them to buy. Focus on the benefits in your description.

These are basic sales letter techniques you should use in your description. Next is to plan your book launch

How to Plan Your Book Launch on Amazon KDP

After you’ve confirmed the book idea, come up with a catchy title and subtitle, your book cover design and an attractive sales description. It’s time to launch your book.

But before you have your book launched, you have  to create a plan and prepare a few weeks before you hit publish. Below are the things you should do before you launch your book.

1. Build a subscriber list and team that will review your book

Before you publish your book, you should build a subscribers list that will turn to a lead and have a team that will help you review your book.

What this team is going to do is download your books and review them.

Review will boost your ranking in Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Reach out to people in your network – friends, family, fellow authors and bloggers – and ask them to join and help review your book. Make sure you take your time and explain to them that you want them to read an advance book copy of yours that their review is appreciated. Ask them to also share with their social media followers and friends.

Ask them to first download your book from KDP before they write the review. Otherwise the reviews will not be verified. Get at least 30 reviews for your book.

You can set up an email subscriber list to grow your network. Ask your audience to subscriber to your email list.

2. Start updating your subscribers.

Once your book is ready to be launched, keep your subscribers informed about your new book you want to launch.

How will you do that?

Post a few of your book chapters on a weekly basis just to update them what they will be expecting when you finally launch.

The purpose of the weekly post is to make them hunger for the book so when you publish for the first few months you won’t find it difficult making sales because you already have people that are ready to purchase your book.

After you have built your subscriber list and gathered a team that will review your book before launch, it is time to come up with an execution promotional plan.

3. How to Promote Your Book on Amazon KDP

You want to reach out to more people if you want to make more sales. Depending only on your subscribers will not give you the thousand dollar you are expecting.

Start now to prepare and plan out how you would promote your book.

Plan every single step from day one to afterward you will take to gain more buyers to buy your books.

  • How will you carry out the plan?
  • What promotional material do you need to prepare?
  • Which social media will you use to post and how many times in a day, weeks or months?
  • Email you’ll send to your review team to help send to their follower.

Include in your promotional article some bonus you would give out towards promoting the book.

With your promotional materials prepared and your plans well mapped out, it will make it easier for you to make passive income.

How to Launch your Book on Amazon KDP

In these steps we’ll be launching our book but we are going to use a different approach from how other book authors do their own.

What they do is hit the launch button and place their books up for sale.

We are not going to use that method. we’ll use a different approach to make them want to buy our book fast.

How do we do that, first

1. Do Free Book Sample Giveaway

You will set out at least a month that you’ll send a free sample of your book to your email subscribers.

You’ll send one free sample each week for the next one month.

You are not going to send the whole complete book within the next one month, no.

Pick out Two chapters of your book, it can be the introduction or any chapter you want.

But I prefer you use the first Two chapters. This will give them a taste of what’s inside your book.

Time to publish our book.

How to Publish your Book on Amazon KDP

Publish your book earlier than your launch date. Don’t wait for the official launch date.

Publish it a week before your launch date.

Once you’ve done that, quickly reach to your team. Ask them to write a review for your book.

Your team needs to write a review for your book earlier. These reviews are important, it will help use a book promotion site during your launch week. Have at least 15 reviews.

Follow these steps to publish your book:

1. Create a New Title

To publish your book on KDP, you need to create a KDP account.

Go to, login to your account, and click on [Create]

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

2. Select Kindle Ebook

A new page will open, Amazon will ask you to select the kind of book you would like to create.

Choose [Kindle Ebook] and click [Create Ebook].

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

3. Enter the Details of Your Book (Language, Book Title and Subtitle, ETC.)

This is where you put the information you want to appear in your book

  • Language: You will choose your Ebook’s primary language. The language your book was written in. e.g, English.
  • Book Title and Subtitle: This is where you put in the title and subtitle of the book as it appears on the book cover.  Once your book is published,  you cannot change the title or subtitle.

4. Enter the Book Description

The book description is the first impression reader’s receive. A well-written description is important.

Summarize your book, so customers can learn more about your book. You can use HTML tags to format/change the content that appears on your book description page.

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

5. Use Keyword on Amazon KDP to Make Your Book Easier to Find

Make Your Book More Discoverable with Keywords on Amazon KDP.

To make your book easier to find on Amazon marketplace, you need keywords that accurately describe in words your book’s content and use the terms customers will use when they search.

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

Amazon allows you to use up to seven keywords to help readers find your books.

The right keyword combinations can open up new markets for you. To find good keywords, you can use keyword tools such as,

6. Choose the Category for Your Book on Amazon KDP

A category is where users can find your book in Amazon KDP. The category is like the sections of a physical bookstore. 

Click on Set Category, select the category for your book .

Amazon allowed up to two categories for your book.

Select the most appropriate categories for your book.

Once you’ve completed the information, click on [Save and Continue]

7. Create or Upload Your Ebook Cover and Manuscript on Amazon KDP.

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

The Ebook cover you upload will appear on your Amazon detail page.

You can choose to upload your own book cover or use Amazon free Cover Creator tool to design a cover for your kindle eBook.

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

Note: Make sure that your book cover complies with the Amazon Content Guideline and that you all full right over the book cover.

Upload Ebook Manuscript on Amazon KDP

Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

8. Set Your Ebook Price and Royalty Plan on Amazon KDP

Your Ebook listing price is the amount you are willing to list your Ebook for sale to your customers on Amazon Kindle marketplace.

Amazon has two listing price plans for publishers to choose from 35% and 70%.

  • The 35% royalty plan on each sale and,
  • The 70% royalty plan on each sale.
Amazon kdp: How to Make Money selling simple books

After you’ve chosen your royalty and pricing plan, click on [Publish Your Kindle Ebook].

Congratulations, you just published your first Ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Your Ebook will appear on Amazon in the next 24 – 48 hours.