GigaLayer Hosting Review: Pro and Cons 2022

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Choosing the right hosting producer for your website/blog is the most important decision. We will give a detail explanation for each featured for you to make important choice.

About GigaLayer Hosting Company

GigaLayer was formely known as Almtech Hosting Company and was founded in 2007 by Ahmad Mukoshy as a pan-African domain name and service provider. It has virtured presence in 13 African Countries including Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Ghana.

GigaLayer has a wide-reach hosting network, worldwide. With servers in regions like Helsinki, Florida, Falkenstein, Cape Town, and Lagos. The company is duly registered with corporates Affairs commission of Nigeria, Companies and Allied matters Act 1990.

In 2010 Aimtech was then registered Limited Liability Company (LTD) as AIMTECH COMMUNICATION LTD with the license to operate a world-class web hosting business in Nigeria.

Trying to choose a web hosting provider for your website/blog is very difficult as most hosting providers don’t come with a lots features. Here are the featured hosting plan of GigaLayer you should take a look at before buying any of their hosting plan.

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1. Good customer service With GigaLayer Hosting

GigaLayer has your back covered. With a 24/7 online service, whenever you encounter a hitch, they would be always responsive to your complaints at any time. GigaLayer web hosting have different ways to support their client.

You can reach out to them by submitting a ticket or use their knowledge base.

2.  Very cheap domain name With GigaLayer Hosting

A domain name is the name your site bears. GigaLayer offers Nigerian web developers an opportunity to own big names for amounts next to nothing.

With GigaLayer you can buy domain names for just $35 ng, $14 .com

3. Shared Hosting With GigaLayer

GigaLayer Web Host comes with four (4) shared hosting plan.

1. Small Shared hosting plan With GigaLayer

Small hosting is the cheapest Gigalayer shared hosting plan. The plan is ideal for those who are just starting their online journey (beginners). Small hosting plan comes with 2GB web space, 10GB bandwidth, 10 Emails, File manager, and support Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress with 99% uptime plus 30 Day Money Back Guarantee should incase you don’t want the plan after you had purchase the plan

2. Medium Shared Hosting plan With GigaLayer

This shared hosting plan is ideal for a small business website/blog with low traffic. Medium hosting plan comes with a domain Add-on, 5GB web space, 50GB Bandwidth, 20 Emails, and other featured of small hosting plan.

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3. Large Shared Hosting plan With GigaLayer

Best suited shared hosting plan for businesses with high traffic. If you started with medium or small hosting plan then you will be able to upgrade to this plan when you will need more resources or your websites have more than average traffic. it has all the benefit of both medium and small shared hosting plan plus additional benefits.

4. Colossal Shared Hosting Plan With GigaLayer

Colossal shared hosting is the most expensive gigalayer hosting plan and it comes with 10 domain limit, 25GB web Space, 20GB Bandwidth, unlimited Emails, and cp-ssl. It is best for those who want to run a high traffic website/ blog forum.

4. Virtual Servers With GigaLayer

As your business grow and traffic increases, gigalayer is here for you with more computing power starting with virtualized servers. VPS is one of the most hosting servers you can choose for your website.

VPS is better than shared hosting, as you need more storage space or more power, you can upgrade your VPS. Gigalayer VPS comes with high performance, security and firewall with daily monitoring.


Is GigaLayer Hosting A Reliable Web Hosting Provider In Nigeria?

Gigalayer is a reliable web host provider in Nigeria and other pan-Africa region. The company have been in existence since 2007 with it servers hosted in several regions like Helsinki, Florida, Falkenstein, Cape Town, and Lagos.

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GigaLayer is duly registered with corporate Affairs commission of Nigeria, Companies and Allied matters Act 1990.

Gigalayer is a registered hosting provider with license to provide web hosting and domain name service in Nigeria.

Is GigaLayer the Best Web Hosting Provider in Nigeria?

GigaLayer is a reliable and one of the best web host provider in Nigeria with cheap yearly hosting plan for a starter.

Gigalayer offer 24hrs technical support and their support team are always ready to help you whether you are just starting or seasoned internet pro.

They boost of 99% uptime guarantee on all their hosting plans at the most yearly affordable price.

Which Hosting Plan Should I Buy With GigaLayer?

This depend on the website or blog you that you want to host. If you want to create a basic website or a WordPress blog then you should choose the medium hosting plan that start with N14000 /year. It has all the features that beginners need to their website/blog online. It is also recommended by GigaLayer.

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