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How to Set up Instagram Business Account?



Instagram Business

Are you trying to set up an Instagram business account, you don’t know how? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can set up an Instagram business account for free. You don’t have to pay anyone to set up your own. In this simple step-by-step guide that I’ll show you, you’ll learn what Instagram is, what you can use Instagram for, and how you can create your own Instagram business account from scratch.

In less than 5 minutes, you will have your own Instagram business account like a pro. Just follow the steps I’m about to show you till the end, you’ll have your own Instagram business account.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing social networking service. The app is available on iPhone and Android and is free to download. Users can upload their photos or videos and share them with their family, a few selected groups of friends or followers.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 and was acquired by Meta formerly known as Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion.

What is an Instagram Business Account?

An Instagram business account is an account that digital creators and small businesses use to display their goods and services to their followers. All you have to do is switch from your personal account to a professional account, and choose the one you want to use (Creator or Business) depending on the type of information you are posting on Instagram.

You can use an Instagram business account to market your products to your followers and even to other users on Instagram and also to your followers on Facebook page. All you have to do is link your Facebook page to your Instagram business account.

Benefits of Instagram Business Account

There are benefits on Instagram business accounts compel to Instagram personal accounts. These are:

  • The business account gives you the ability to boost your posts to more users on Instagram.
  • In Instagram business account, you can schedule posts
  • You have options to include your business name, website url, business phone number and the address of your business for people to reach out to you outside the Instagram platform.
  • Business accounts get more insight information about their followers. You’ll get an analysis of people who view your profile or posts, how many people your posts reach, numbers of impressions and clicks, plus information about their age, gender and the location of your audience
  • With an Instagram business account, you’ll gain access to features like Shoppable posts, which allows you to sell directly from your Instagram posts.
  • You can also set up an Instagram shop where you can promote your goods and services. Only Business or Creator accounts have access to this feature. With an Instagram shop, you can upload your product catalog, tag your goods, and even sell products to your followers directly in the app. Here is more information on how to set up an Instagram Shop
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What Can You Use Instagram for?

Instagram is a social networking service with over 500 million users that use Instagram everyday

  1. Instagram can be used to run an advertisement. Businesses or brands used Instagram to advertise their goods or services to the 500 million users that log in everyday.
  2. Instagram can be used to buy and sell goods and services. If you are a small business or brand, you can use Instagram to sell your product to the Instagram users. You must have a business account or creator account before you can sell goods and services. click here to learn more about Instagram business accounts. How to set up an Instagram business account.
  3. Instagram is used for sharing photos and short videos. Depending on the video post type, an Instagram video can be anywhere from (3 seconds to 60 minutes) in length. You can share photos and short videos to people who follow you. You can set your Instagram to private or public.
  • Private: Only people who follow you can be able to see your Instagram post, profile or videos.
  • Public: Anyone can find and view your profiles, video and photo.
  1. You can use Instagram to promote blogs or try to sell products to make money.

Is Instagram Business Account free?

On Instagram, you can convert your personal account to a business or creator account to access features that can help you grow your business. It’s free to have an Instagram business account. Anyone can join up. You only need to be 13 years old and above before you can create an Instagram  business account otherwise it will be banned.

Is Instagram Safe to Open a Business Account?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites worldwide with over one billion active users. This has attracted threats to Instagram users. One of the threats is the common phishing site that hackers use to steal users’ personal information.

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Also, not all users on Instagram have a genuine intention for joining Instagram social networking platform.

Criminals have taken the advantage of those that open Instagram accounts for genuine business. These criminals will create automated fake accounts that follow each other to give the appearance that the account is legitimate and therefore scam people millions of dollars.

Instagram advises anyone to report with a suspicious account.

Sharing your photos and video can review your address or personal Identity such as ID card or bank details on the background of your photo or video, which can provide hackers access to your personal data to scam you.

Instagram users are targets for hackers. It is advisable to not upload or display personal data such as your address, phone number and bank details.

Hackers can not scam you if they have no information about you.

The more information a hacker has about you, the better equipped they are to carry out a target. So be very careful.

You should always avoid clicking on links that are sent by someone you don’t know. Only let people you know to see and interact with your account.

Instagram has released a number of tools and resources to ensure that you remain safe.

How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

With an Instagram business account, businesses or creators can promote their goods and services to billions of people who are most interested in what they do

Instagram can help businesses or creators of every size find customers and grow.

On Instagram, you can share moments, find passions, be inspired and take action.

Instagram business accounts have features and settings that can help your business reach more people, stay connected with them and boost sales.

Below are the steps to create an Instagram business account

Note: Before you can start an Instagram business account, you’ll have to convert your personal Instagram account into a business account.

You also need to have the Instagram app downloaded on your phone. Visit the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) to download the app. You can only have up to five Instagram accounts at a time.

Setting up Instagram business account

1. Create an Instagram Account

Step 1. To create an Instagram business account the first step is to download and open the Instagram app. 

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Step 2.  Click “Sign up with email or phone number” if you are on (Android) or “Create a New Account” with (Iphone),and enter your phone number or email address, whichever one you want to use.

Step 3. Once you’ve filled in your preferred login details, click “Next”.

Step 4. Enter your name and password, then click “Continue and sync contacts” or “Continue without syncing contacts”

Step 5. Add your birthday details, click next and click sign up.

Step 6. Enter your profile photo and bio. Once you have completed your bio, Congratulations you have just created an Instagram account. The next thing is to set up your Instagram business account.

2. Set up an Instagram Business Account

Step 1. You’ll need to log in to your Instagram account created and go to your Instagram profile page, tap the menu icon in the top-right corner.

Step 2. Click “Settings”.

Step 3. Go to “Account” and click on it

Step 4. Scroll down to “Switch to Professional Account” and click on it, then click “Continue”

Step 5. Select a category for your business. Example:  Product/service

Step 6. Click “Done”

Step 7. Select what best describes your business category. Example: Business or Creator.

Step 8. Click “Next”

3. Review Your Contact Info

Check your business email address if it is correct and enter your phone number, Click on “Business address” and enter the address of your business, the city/town and zip code, Once you are done, Click “Save” and again, Click “Next”.

For you to use your Instagram professional account for Instagram shopping, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account to  your Facebook page. Otherwise click skip to skip this process.

Congratulations for setting up your Instagram business account.

You can switch back to a Personal or Creator account anytime.


  • Business accounts are best for retailers, local businesses, organizations, service providers and brands.
  • Creator accounts are best for public figures, content producers, artists and influencers.
  • When you switch to a personal account, in-app insights will be turned off and insight from all your content, including your ads, will be permanently removed.

We recommend that you connect your business account to a Facebook Page that is associated with your business. This will make it easier to use all of the features available for businesses. Only one Facebook Page can be connected to your Instagram account.

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Instagram Shopping: How to Set up Instagram Shop?



Instagram Shopping

Do you have a business idea, a brand you want to sell on online, you are looking for a place to start, Instagram shopping is a good place to begin. With Instagram shopping, you can grow your business ideas, products or brand.

With over 500 million people all over the world that use the Instagram platform everyday, you can grow your business, brand or products.

Instagram shops are a big opportunity for a small business or brands looking to sell goods or services on the internet.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can set up an Instagram shop to reach the customers you want with Instagram shopping.

You will learn how you can make the products easy to discover and drive more sales.

Ready to learn, I’ll cover everything you need to know to start Instagram shopping immediately for free.

#1. What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram shopping is a feature on Instagram provided by meta formerly known as Facebook for creators and business owners to create a shopping experience on Instagram. Customers can access your shop directly from your profile, posts or story. When people visit your shop, they can explore your products and take steps to purchase them. The Instagram shop gives brands or small businesses direct access to showcase their products to customers.

But before you can showcase your product to be discovered by users, your business or brand needs to be eligible.

#2. How Do You Become Eligible to Set up Instagram Shopping Account?

There are few requirements that will be needed by Instagram for you to be approved to set up an Instagram shop.

Below are the following requirements your business meet meet to be eligible:

  1. Your business must agree to the policies of Instagram. If you violate their policies, you will not be approved.
  2. Your business will have a website domain and must contain product listings that are available for direct purchase from your website.
  3. Your business must be in an Instagram shop supported location.
  4. You must not provide a misleading information
  5. You business must be trustworthy
  6. If you have been disable before by Instagram, you will not be eligible.


#3. How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for Instagram Shopping?

If your business comply fully to the policies of Instagram, your business will not take more than two weeks to get approved. In most cases Instagram approves businesses on the same day they request for approval.

#4. Is My Business in an Instagram Supported Market?

Shops are available in select countries only. You must be in any of these countries supported by meta to sell on Instagram. If your account is located outside of an available market, you may lose the ability to tag products. Check if your country is supported. Click here to check.

#5. How Do Instagram Shopping Work?

Instagram shops only on the app in your iPhone and Android device.

The shop showcases your products and allows people to see them and buy on Instagram.

Instagram shops allow you to customize your shop and add products to your collection for people to look through and see the most relevant items. Instead of directing your customers to your website, you can use Instagram shopping to show them your products to select and purchase easily from the app.

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To see a shop:

  1. Go to the profile of the shop that you want to browse.
  2. Tap View shop.

#6. Should I Use Instagram Shopping for My Business?

Instagram is a social media platform with over 500 million users that followers a brand or business. There are many benefits businesses will get with Instagram shops.

  • Instagram shopping is quick and easy for users to shop. 
  • Your product can be discovered by millions of Instagram users.
  • You can link your ecommerce platform to your shop and drive more sales

After you’ve confirmed that you meet the policies requirements and are eligible, follow the steps below to set up your Instagram shop and drive more sales.

#7. How to Set up an Instagram Shopping Account?

Step 1: Switch from Personal to Business or Creator Account

If you don’t have a Business (or Creator) account, first, you need to switch your account from personal to professional account and choose what best describes you, a business or a creator account.

To switch to a professional account go to your settings and click Switch account type and select your account type.

  • Business accounts are best for brands, service providers, local businesses and retailers.
  • Creator accounts are best for influencers, content producers and public figures.

Step 2: Link your Account to a Facebook Page

After your professional account is ready, next, is to link your Instagram account to a Facebook page. You can’t have an Instagram Shop without a Facebook Page. If you don’t have one, you will need to create one.

To link your Instagram account to Facebook page follow these steps:

  1. On Instagram, go to Edit Profile.
  2. Scroll down to Profile Information. Under Profile Information, Select Page
  3. Choose your Facebook page to connect or click Create a New Facebook page

Your business account is now connected to a Facebook Page. Make sure you have permission to add the Facebook page to your Instagram business or creator account. Otherwise the page will not appear in your Instagram account. You must be an admin to link your account.

Step 3: Upload Your Product Catalog

Instagram Shop requires you to have a product catalog. In this stage, you will need to upload your product catalog manually or with an ecommerce partner. The product catalog is what drives your Instagram shop.

How to Create a catalog?

A catalog is where the information about the items you want to advertise or sell on Instagram is stored.

There are two ways you can add a catalog:

  • Facebook’s catalog manager 
  • Ecommerce platform partner

Let’s walk you through each catalog creation step-by-step.

You will need to have your Facebook page account and your business manager account ready. Make sure you’re a business admin.

Facebook’s catalog manager

  1. Log in to Facebook, click on Facebook business and go to Commerce Manager.
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. Select Create a Catalog and click get Started
  4. Select your catalog type, Ecommerce and click Next
  5. Choose Upload your products info and click Create
  6. Click View catalog. It will take you back to the commerce manager dashboard.
  7. Choose Items
  8. Click Add Items and choose Add One Item
  9. Next, Provide basic information. Enter the product image, the title, description, website link, price of product and the condition. Images must be at least 500 x 500 pixels, in JPEG or PNG format and a maximum of 8 MB.
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Provide as much information as possible to help customers make a purchase decision. Click on the Advance box to add more information or otherwise leave it and click finish.

  1. Next, click the Next button and tick the box if you want the items to be seen by people.
  2. Click Next again to go to the next stage to add Items variants. Variants are variations of the same item in your catalog, such as different sizes, colors or patterns.
  3. Select Add Variants for this Items and click on Add Attribute
  4. When you’re done, Select Finish to save the item in your catalog.

Ecommerce Platform Partner

You can create a catalog through an ecommerce platform if you don’t want to use the Facebook catalog manager to add catalog manually.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account, click on Facebook business and go to Commerce Manager.
  2.  Click on Get Started
  3. Select Create a Catalog and click get Started
  4. Select your catalog type, Ecommerce and click Next
  5. Now instead of you will Choose Upload your products info you will select connect a partner platform
  6. Select the partner you want to use to import your item. For this tutorial we’ll choose Shopify.
  7. Next, click Go to Shopify
  8. You will be taken to the Shopify platform, follow the steps there to connect your account with Facebook and Instagram.

Step 4: Submit Your Account and Wait for Approval

After you have your catalog set up, you’ll need to submit your account for review. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile settings
  2. In your Instagram business profile, tap Settings
  3. Tap Business
  4. Then Instagram shopping
  5. Follow the instructions to submit your account and apply for review.

Step 5: Turn on Instagram Shopping in the App

After you’re approved, turn on shopping for your Instagram account and connect your product catalog. Follow this step:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile page and tap at the top right
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap Business.
  4. Then tap Shopping

Note: Only account that is approved will see the  Instagram shopping

  1. Tap Continue
  2. 6. Select the product catalog you’d like to connect to your professional account.
  3. Tap Done.

The review process takes a few days to review, but sometimes can take longer. 

 #8. How to Customize Your Instagram Shop?

After you’re approved, turn on Instagram shopping on and create a catalog, next is to customize your shop.

You can customize your shop by organizing your collections, choosing a layout, deciding which products to showcase and selecting a button style.

Step 1. Organizing Your Shop’s Collection

Collection allows you to showcase your product to your customers. You can feature one or more selected product collections in your shop.

Visitors are the first to see your collection. When you publish a new collection, your followers will be notified of it too.

How to create a Collection?

Collections help your customers find your products when they visit your shop. Each collection will have a name, a description and cover media and selection between 6 – 30 products.

Step 1. Go to the Commerce Manager.

Step 2. Select your shop.

Step 3. Click Edit

Step 4. Click + Add New

Step 5. Click Collection

Step 6. Click Create new collection

Step 7. Click Confirm.

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Step 8. Name your collection and select the products you want.

Step 9. Click Confirm again.

Step 10. Add an Image, title and subtitle.

Include at least one of the products in your collection at a 4:3 ratio with a minimum 800 x 600 pixel size.

Step 11. When you are done, click Publish

Your shop will be reviewed to make sure the products and information comply with Commerce Policies before your customers can start seeing your collection. The review will take within 24 hours to be reviewed.

Step 2. Optimize Your Shop’s Layout

Use the Layout tab to add, remove and arrange collections in your shop.

Optimizing your shop’s layout can help people more easily find products in your shop based on their shopping interests. It can help improve your shop’s performance.

How to Optimize Instagram Shop?

You can customize the layout of your shop in the Shops tab of Commerce Manager, under Layout.

Step 1. Go to Commerce Manager

Step 2. Select your shop.

Step 3. Go to the Shops tab

Step 4. Click Edit Shop.

Step 5. Click Layout.

Step 6. Toggle Optimize Layout. You can choose to toggle layout On or Off

#9 How to Sell Products or Services on Instagram Shopping?

With Instagram Shopping, people can buy your products directly from your photos and videos. In a survey conducted by Facebook, 83% of people said that Instagram helps them to discover new products and services.

Instagram is a widely popular platform with over 1 billion users monthly and 90% of people follow a business account.

#1. Use Reels for Your Business

Reel is a video tool that Instagram introduced for creators and businesses.

The tool helps businesses and creators to create short-form videos on the app. With creative tools such as AR effects, music and text overlays, your business can create videos just like people do.

Use Reel to showcase your products.

You can use Reel to tell stories. The better you tell stories about your brand or product, the more likely customers and your followers are going to understand what your business is offering and what it can do for them. And, in turn, the more likely they’ll be able to buy.

The Reels camera has all the tools you need to create videos for your business straight in the app.

#2. Use Product Hashtag

Hashtags create awareness to your customers and followers about your business and what you deal with. With a hashtag, your products get discovered by people on Instagram and drive more sales.

Hashtag is like a keyword in a blog post, what it does is that whenever a customer is looking for a particular product, the hashtag shows up the product in the feed. Example of a hashtag is #simbablog1. Whenever customers search for a simbablog, Instagram will suggest my product to them.

#3. Use Live Feature

You can start a live broadcast in your story to show your followers the moment a new product is available for them, and answer customer questions about your new product.

#4. Use a Simple Call-to-Action

Write a simple but attractive information about your business and want your customers to stand to gain. Caption their attention with an interesting story, and direct them to your product landing page where you want them to buy from you.

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How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress



How to Set up Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Have you heard about Facebook Instant Articles? Want to add Facebook Instant Articles on your WordPress site? In this step by step guide, I will explain what is Facebook Instant Articles as well as show you how to easily setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress.

While you are developing amazing content that has the possibility of being viral, you need to give more room to the distribution task.

And sharing on Facebook is a great strategy as more than 1.45 billion users actively use Facebook every single day.

If you own a site or blog, you can easily start creating Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress by using the Instant Articles plugin for WordPress.

What is Facebook Instant Article?

Instant Articles is a Facebook feature which allows you to load your content 10 times faster by using a customized mobile format.

Instant Articles load up to 10 times faster than a normal web page. This incredible boost in speed provides a better user experience for mobile users.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Article for WordPress

Before I dive into how to set up Facebook instant article for WordPress, there are a few things you need.

  • A website powered by WordPress
  • A Facebook Page
  • Your publication’s logo
  • 5 published articles
  • Instant Articles for WP plugin
  • Pages Manager app (You’ll use this to preview Instant Articles before sharing them.)

Signing up for Facebook Instant Article for WordPress website

First, you need to visit Facebook Instant Articles website and click on the signup button to get started.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Facebook will now ask you to select a page. Here you need to select the Facebook Page for your website.

After that check the box to agree with Instant Articles terms and then click on ‘Access Instant Articles Tools’ button.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

This will take you to the publisher tools on your Facebook page, which will now have an instant articles section.

You need to first prove the ownership of your website by connecting your URL.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Scroll down a little to the Tools section on the page and click on the ‘Connect your URL’ to expand it. Facebook will show you a code snippet. Under “Instant Articles → Configuration → Tools → Connect Your Site” you will find your Page ID. Copy this to your clipboard.

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How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Once you have copy the code, insert it into the <head>section of your WordPress site.

There are two ways you can add this code to your website.

  • You can edit the header.php file in your theme and paste the code just before <head> tag.
  • You can use Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

After activating the plugin, go to Settings » Insert Headers and Footers page and paste the code into the header section.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Click on save button to store your changes.

After adding your page ID to the plugin settings, go back to the publisher tools on your Facebook page.

Add your website URL below the code you copied earlier and then click on Submit URL button

If you receive the following error: The provided URL is not being accepted because the site has minimal readership, which violates the Instant Article Policies ( Please provide a different URL.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

  • Ensure you have a decent amount of content already on your WordPress site. Don’t try applying with a blank website.
  • Content can’t be behind a paywall.
  • Have a link to your site’s privacy policy visible.

The next step is to add an Instant Articles RSS feed for your website. Here is how you can generate an Instant Article feed for your WordPress site.

Simply install and activate the Instant Articles for WP plugin. Upon activation, the plugin will generate an instant articles feed for your WordPress site.

You can find the feed by adding /feed/instant-articles after your site’s URL, like this:

Copy your instant articles feed URL and switch back to your Facebook page’s publishing tool section. Scroll down to the Tools section and click on ‘Production RSS Feed’.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Paste your Instant Articles feed URL and click on the Save button. Facebook will show you a success message that your feed is added.

It can take up to an hour for Facebook to ingest posts via the RSS Feed method

Setting up Facebook Instant Articles plugin for WordPress

You will notice that upon activation the plugin added a new menu item in your WordPress admin bar labeled ‘Instant Articles’. Clicking on it will take you to the plugin’s Settings page.

This plugin requires an App ID and Secret keys for activation.

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How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

You will need to create a Facebook app for your page to get those keys.

Creating a Facebook App for Your Page

First, you need to visit the Facebook for Developers website. Click on the drop down menu next to My Apps menu on the upper right corner of the screen next to your profile photo.

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

This will bring up a popup on screen. You need to click on create App.

This will take you to a quick setup wizard. You need to enter a name for your Facebook app. This could be anything that helps you identify the app.


How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Click on the ‘Create App ID’ button to continue.

A new popup will appear asking you to provide a contact email address and select a category for your app.

Enter an email address and select Apps for Pages as app category.

Enter your WordPress website address and click on the next button to continue.

Click on Create App ID button to continue.


Enter your WordPress website address and click on the next button to continue.

You will be redirected to your newly created app’s dashboard. You will be able to see your App ID and to see your App secret key you will need to click on ‘Show’ button.

App ID and secret keys

Before you copy these keys, first you need to make your app live and publicly available.

Click on the ‘App Review’ link from the menu on your left.

Make your App live

On the next screen, you will see that your app is under development mode. Click on the toggle to switch it to ‘Yes’ and make your app live.

Now click on the dashboard link from the left hand column to go back to your app’s dashboard. Copy your App ID and Secret keys.

Return to your Instant Articles for WP plugin’ settings page on your WordPress site and paste your App ID and Secret keys there.

plugin settings

Click on the next button to continue.

The plugin’s settings page will now show you a login with Facebook button.

This will take you to Facebook, and you will be asked to give the app permission to access your profile information.

After giving permission, you will be redirected back to your WordPress site. Click on the ‘Select Page’ drop down menu to select your Facebook page.

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Select your Facebook page

Your WordPress site is now ready for Instant Articles. There are still two more steps left.

Setup Style and Branding for Your Instant Articles

You should then style your Facebook posts to match the branding of your site. I recommend at least adding your logo. Go got the Facebook Publishing Tools and under “Instant ArticlesConfiguration ToolsStyles” you can create and edit the default style.

To edit the default style, click on default, it will edit.

This will open up a popup where you can upload your website logo. Facebook requires images that are 690 by 132 pixels minimum.

Facebook Instant Articles style editor

After uploading the logo, click on Save and then click on Done.

Submit Your Instant Articles Feed for Review

Before you can submit your Instant Articles feed for review, you need to make sure that you have at least 10 articles in your Instant Articles feed.

If you have already published more than 10 articles on your website, but the feed is not showing all of them, then you need to edit your last 10 articles and simply click on the update button.

Once you are sure that you have 10 articles in your Instant Articles feed, you are now ready to submit it to Facebook for review.

Go to your Facebook page and click on Publishing Tools from the admin bar. After that click on the ‘Configuration’ link under Instant Articles on your left hand menu.

Look for ‘Step 2: Submit For Review’ on the configuration settings page.

Submit for review

If there are no errors with your Instant Articles feed, then you will see a ‘Submit for Review’ button. Go ahead and click on this button to send your feed for review.

That’s all, Instant Articles will become available for your website once Facebook team has reviewed and approved your feed.

If you liked this article, then please share to others interested to setup Facebook Instant Article for WordPress. You may also want to see How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 9 Simple Steps. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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How to Create Facebook Business Page in 9 Simple Steps



How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 9 Simple Steps

Do you want to create Facebook business Page? Facebook page let you grow your businesses, brand, organization, or community. pages come with a suite of free business tools that help you achieve your business goals.

You don’t have to be a web designer, technology guru, marketing specialist to create Facebook business page.

Facebook business page are a free tool for businesses that can help you grow your presence on and off Facebook. It’s free and easy.

In this article, I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to create Facebook business page.

Following are the simple steps that you can take to create a great Facebook business page.

  1. Go to
  2. Name your page
  3. Choose a Category
  4. Add Page description
  5. Add Profile and cover photo
  6. Create a Username
  7. Add call to Action Button
  8. Publish your first post
  9. Invite your friends to like your page.

Facebook pages are for businesses, brands, organizations and public figures to share their stories and connect with people.

Like profiles, pages can be customized with stories, event, video, photos and more. People who like or follow a page can get updates in news feed. Anyone with a Facebook personal account can create a Facebook page.

What you need to know before you create Facebook business page

Facebook pages can help you grow your presence on and off Facebook. Here is what you need to know before you create Facebook page

  1. Pages helps you communicate with customers and achieve your business/page goals.
  2. People will find it very difficult to follow inactive page.
  3. You can manage your page or allow others to manage it for you.
  4. Pages offer several benefits and features that can help your business.

How to create Facebook business page

A page is a space where people can publicly connect with your business, brand, or organization. Pages come with a suite of free business tools that help you achieve your business goals.

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Setting up your business page

Before you begin, you must have a Facebook profile.

To create a page, you need a profile. Your Facebook personal profile will not appear on your page unless you share it there. Your page is separated from your profile.

Step 1. Signup

Go to and Select the type of page you want to create: Business/brand or community/public figure.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 9 Simple Steps

Once you have choose the page you want to create, click Get started

Step 2. Give your page a name

Next, name your page. Use the name of you business, brand, organization or a name that explain what the page is about.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 9 Simple Steps


Page name must accurately reflect the page. Keep in mind that only authorized representatives can manage a page for a brand, organization, or public figure.

Step 3. Choose a Category

Once you have name your page. Next, select a category for your page.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 9 Simple Steps

You can add up to 3 categories. The category you choose will provide unique features for your business.

Step 4. Add description

Write a description for your Facebook page. This is a short information about your page. It should be brief.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 9 Simple Steps

You can write about what you business does, or the purpose of the page. The limit is 255 characters.

Step 5. Add profile and cover photo

Next, Facebook will prompt you to upload a profile picture, choose photos that best represent your page.

Logos make great profile photos because they help people identify your page easily. Be sure that your image is clear and doesn’t get cropped.

If you don’t have a great logo design for your business, check out Canva’s free tool. It’ll help you create a professional-looking logo in minutes. It includes many Facebook cover templates that you can easily customize without any graphic design skills or knowledge.

Make sure the photos you choose align with your brand and are easily identifiable with your business.

Once you’ve chosen a great photo, click Upload Profile Picture.

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Next, upload a cover photo.

Cover photos tends to get more likes and visits.

A cover photo is the background image that appears on your Facebook Page. Your cover photo should be at least 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.

Your cover photo is often the first thing visitors notice. So it’s best to choose an image or video that immediately conveys your unique value proposition and brand personality. If you are having trouble finding a cover image, you can create one for free using Canva.

Step 6. Create a username

Username is the custom URL or web address for your page.

Usernames all begin with the @ symbol and you’ll see them below the profile image on your Page, just below your Page name.

Each Facebook page receives a unique identifiers in its URL when it’s created. It’ll make it easier for people to find your page. Your username doesn’t have to be identical to your Page name, but we recommend it.

To set your Facebook Page username, Click About on the left-hand side of your Page, Click Edit next to your current Page username (if you have one) and enter a new username.

When you choose your username, Then just select Create Username and you are done!

Step 7. Add Call-to-Action Button

Adding a CTA button to your page is a great opportunity to get your page visitor to take an action.

A call-to-action button (or CTA button) directs your Page visitors to do something specific, such as learning more about your page, visit your website or call your shop.

The right CTA button will encourage visitor to learn more about your business or brand.

To add a CTA button, start on your Page. Below your Page’s cover photo, click Edit.

You may also want to see How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress.

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You’ll see a Preview section at the top that shows what your button would look like.

Then choose which kind of button you want. Depending on the button you choose, you may be asked to select some additional options. when you are done, click finish.

Step 8. Publish your first post

Before you publish your first post, First things first: Make sure that the info on your Page is up to date and fully complete.

Next, write a welcome message. Think of it as a way to welcome customers onto your Page, just like you would if they walked into your actual business. When you have that message pinned to the top, build a following before you officially post.

Now, add content to your Facebook page by publishing a post, status update, or a video. Your page should be active and informative.

Facebook posts, when done right, can be an incredible tool to build your business. Posts are the little bits of content – such as photos, videos or updates – that you share on your Facebook Page for others to see.

Posting has lots of other benefits too. It shows the people who like your Page that your business is solid and active.

Step 9. Invite your friends to like your page.

Start building your community.

Once your page has been setup, invite your friends and customers to connect with you. When people like your page, it’s easier for others to discover it and see your posts.

Facebook has a built-in features to tell your friends and customers about your page.

You can also run ads to find new followers or customers.

Hope that is helpful and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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